Kathleen Scott and Julia Edwards

"Above and Beyond! Julia helped with some cleaning and packing. She even offered to pick up my children when I was overscheduled. She's the best!" - M. Steward


"When my husband and I decided to purchase a home, we were nervous. This was our first home and the real estate market in our area was very competitive. Not to mention we really had a lot to learn about buying a house and all the jargon that went along with it. Kathleen met with us to get an idea of what we were looking for and after that first meeting, we knew we were in good hands. She asked us questions to really help us figure out what we needed and wanted for our home. She made the process fun and never stressful. Kathleen listened to us, knew what was important to us, and never showed us a home that wasn’t one we would have picked for ourselves.

Joe and I had many ups and downs along the way, including changes in employment, and family loss. These are things that life throws at you and you can really never prepare for. While our life seemed to throw so much at us, sometimes almost too much to bear, Kathleen (and Julia) made sure that we knew she was there when we needed her. No pressure, no expectations, and no stress. While we had to deal with our life, Kathleen was there advocating for us, giving us space when we needed it, and picking right back up with us when we were ready. Kathleen and Julia did all the hard work.

Once we found our home, Kathleen was in contact with us every day, making sure we new how things were going and what we would need to do as things progressed. Kathleen and Julia advocated for us fiercely and we got everything we wanted in our contract and then some. When the seller pushed back, Kathleen stayed strong and always reassured us that she “had our backs.” We would trust Kathleen and Julia with anything. If you decide to have Kathleen as your agent, you will never regret it. She is the finest kind." - M + J


"My brokers, Julia Edwards and Kathleen Scott, went above and beyond, especially since I had had an awful experience with a previous brokerage. Julia was amazing! She had my house sold in 1 week and found me the perfect condo 2 days later. They have been supportive and helpful. I really feel like I hit the jackpot with Julia and Kathleen!" - M. Sargent


"Kathleen and Julia went above and beyond to manage a complex sale, protect the interest of all parties, and get things done in a timely manner. We were very impressed with how Kathleen and Julia remained involved and invested throughout the process up to closing to ensure everyone's needs were met and closing went smoothly. Also, the Scratch pastries at closing and the card were very nice :-)" - The Dulacs


"Kathleen was great - she went above and beyond to meet my schedule. She also represented my interest. I would love to work with her again. Kathleen is definitely an asset to the company." - T. Tilton 


"My husband and I purchased our Scarborough home from Kathleen in May 2016.  From the moment we first spoke I knew there was nothing she wouldn't do to help us find the home of our dreams.  Less than 24 hours after contacting her she had multiple "potentials" lined up.  At the time we were traveling from two hours away to come see some of the houses but there was never a wasted moment.  We would specify our availability and she would have the houses we had chosen to see lined up as well as at least 3-4 more possibilities.  Kathleen listened to what we were looking for, was interested in how we spent our time in a home, and always delivered on showing us homes that fit the bill and our lifestyle.  Kathleen was absolutely amazing and we couldn't be happier in the home she found for us.  Less than a year later she not only helped my mother in law sell her home in New York but found her an adorable replacement, close to us, where she could live the active lifestyle that she leads. To this day I still carry around her business cards to hand out to friends.  No one will work harder for you than Kathleen." - A. Trazska


"I'd like to say "You'd be stupid not to work with Kathleen!" She conveyed a complete feeling of trustworthiness.  I knew she had my best interest at heart.  I never got the feeling that she was just trying to sell me a house.  Kathleen wanted me to find the home that was perfect for me.  She went out of her way to find that house...even putting an ad in the paper.  When I did find that house she sailed me through what was probably a very complicated/convoluted arrangement with ease. Kathleen and Julia really are great.  (They) came up with the right price that ensured me getting the house." - M. Trazska


"(They) got my offer to the top of multiple (17!) offers." - E. Levine


"Kathleen was wonderful. We had challenges with the Realtor representing the purchaser of my home but Kathleen kept me up to date and informed throughout the journey. She also made sure that I knew my options and supported my opinion." - M. Lapointe 


"Were so impressed with their communication for a few months prior to our relocation - they found the perfect home for us! Kathleen and Julia went above and beyond to get us into an amazing home before we had our first baby. They are go-getters and professional, knowledgable and friendly. We loved working with them." The Thurston Family 


"(They) went above and beyond in (their) service. She offered to help clean and get us packed. (They) stayed on top of important issues for us." - K. Fox


"Kathleen ‘The Selling Queen’ Scott helped us through the process of selling our home, and purchasing a new one. From the moment that my husband and I met Kathleen at an open house, we knew that her enthusiasm and attention would be a great fit for us when the time came to sell and buy. Our daughter was approaching one year, and we sought out Kathleen to assist us with selling our current home so that we could purchase a larger home and yard for our daughter to grow up in. From the beginning, Kathleen listened to both of our wants and needs, and brought everything together…even when those wants and needs changed daily! Kathleen was always able to communicate on nights and weekends, and even once on vacation! We really appreciate that Kathleen guided us through the wild ride of real estate, all while putting our needs first. We are so pleased with the services and efforts of Kathleen ‘The Selling Queen’. We strongly recommend her for any real estate needs. She has far surpassed our greatest expectations!" - The Michauds


"Kathleen and Julia were a great team. When Kathleen had to be somewhere else, Julia was always there for us. We never had to worry or wait. Great advocates for us as buyers. I wish I'd had them as sellers agents too! They have follow-thru, follow-up, hustle and great attitude," - The Ives Family



"They were so communicative, friendly, and got to know what we wanted so quickly. Kathleen and Julia made buying a home fun and easy." - The Auclair Family